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LT Research endeavors to be a transformative technology product company. Currently in stealth mode and based out of Bangalore, it received its first round of funding in early 2013.

Our vision is to build a global, web scale product which is beneficial to both consumers and organizations. It spans the domains of media creation and consumption and delivery of experience. Cutting edge technologies will be incorporated and built across platform architecture, big data, graph theory/data structures, multimedia management, cloud computing, mobile applications, social media, search, HTML5, CSS3 animation/3D, special effects, graphics, among others.

We are a strong team of co-founders, advisors and investors associated with LT Research that have several decades of combined experience in technology and entrepreneurship both in India and the US. These include new platform development, early stage venture capital, business building from scratch to successful exits, and thought leadership in defining the future of technology. We have worked at pioneering technology centers such as Bell Labs, NASA, as well as large companies such as Google, Texas Instruments, in addition to several successful startups.

We have academic credentials in Computer Science, Mathematics, Electrical Engineering, Graphics and Visualization from universities such as IITs, Virginia Tech, University of Maryland, Indian Institute of Science (IISc) among other top global programs.

This team is strongly committed to building intellectual property and a global technology product company out of India, and seriously views this effort as their contribution to nation building and creating social impact.


Building our inception team: Watch how it all started

In March 2013, our co-founders broadcast their motivation behind creating LT Research, and invited gifted young minds to join us on the adventure of a lifetime - building a transformative technology company.

Cast & Crew

Founding Team


Summer Interns: Explorer Class 2013

L - R : Ramesh Nenawath (Design, IIT-G, '14), Sridhar Jarupala (Design, IIT-G, '14), Shubham Lalwani (CS, IIT-B, '15), Sachin Kodati (Design, IIT-G, '14), Kamal Banga (CS, IIT-KGP, '14), Siddharth Kumar (CS, IIT-KGP, '15), Nikhil Nainani (CS, IIT-M, '15)


Address: 13, Serpentine Street, Richmond Town, Bangalore - 560025, India

Phone: +91-8041740455